Published: 27-05-2014

Rendez-vous aux jardins :

Because of rendez-vous aux jardins the entrance fee will be half for adults and free for children till 11 years. Friday 30 May, Saturday 31 May, Sunday 1st June.

Published: 17-05-2014

There is a bar on the spot.

An exotic restaurant will open in June.
The growth of the bamboo shoots is exceptional this year.


Published: 14-04-2014

Egg hunt in the park :

Monday 21 april from 14:30 hours

Published: 12-04-2014

From March 22 the park is open every weekend from 14:00 until 18:00 hours.
School holidays (all zones) from Wednesday until Sunday, also from 14:00 until 18: hours.

After the winter flooding the park is as new.
The abundant rainfall and mild temperatures show a very strong and early growth.

Come measure it for yourself!

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